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Tree of Life Orgone Pyramid + FREE Chakra bracelet

Hone your energy healing and protect yourself and your family from electromagnetic pollution (EMF) , with this magnificently handcrafted Tree of Life Orgone Pyramid . This orgone device was beautifully made and packed with a combination of 7 powerful crystals and gemstones to provide you various benefits, that will surely assist you in your healing journey and in living a more positive and creative life . 

It increases nobility and spiritual awareness. Provides inner peace and healing of the body, mind & soul. It also assists in healing ailments of the immune, respiratory, waist and skeletal systems.

It helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, transmuting them with feelings of joy and overall happiness. It enhances physical and intellectual balance and restores vitality, motivation and stimulates creativity. 

Chakra balanced using 100% natural crystal gemstones:

Root Chakra = Red Jasper

Sacral Chakra = Carnelian

Solar Plexus Chakra = Yellow Jasper

Heart Chakra = Green Aventurine

Throat Chakra = Lapis Lazuli

Third Eye Chakra = Blue Aventurine

Crown Chakra = Amethyst

Customer Reviews

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I love my orgone chakra pyramid

I can feel the intentesy of my pyramid just holding it....my hubby even felt it. I hope to get more Asap...maybe another sale soon. You'll love it too.

Beautiful Orgone Pyramids

I have brought 5 of these pyramids now and I love them. They seem to give off a lovely vibe and I just like looking at them. Customer service was good always got back to me if I had a problem. They took a little while to come but it was worth the wait, as they are all hand made and Vinaya's advert seemed to go viral I think they were a little over welmed to start with the demand but they are catching up. All in all a positive experience with a positive out come. Thank you.


I was on a mission to get off my 10 year addiction to opioids for my fibromyalgia....when I got my bracelet, I kissed it and put it on a table near me..my mission has a happy ending...I am now 5 months opioid free and I believe your bracelet helped me..prayer is a wonderful thing...thank you