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Chakra Orgone Pyramid


Each one of these mesmerizing pyramids will increase your vitality and activate the creative force within you,  while providing strategic wisdom as you go about your work in this world. The pyramid shape majorly magnifies this magic.

Balance your chakras in the morning to promote a full of life feeling, positive and hopeful. Balance your chakras at night to help calm you down, ease your mind and promote a deeper sleep.

These Chakra orgonite pyramids emit intense, high-frequency vibrations that have been stored up from an accumulation of powerful Life Force energy. Not to mention how beautiful they are.

They also help against electromagnetic, elf and haarp radiations in the environment. Placing in areas like the office, house, garden and play area will be extremely beneficial.


  • Genuine gemstones and earth metals set in resin.
  • Infused with the Reiki symbol of power.
  • Pyramid geometry for protection from negativity.
  • Handmade by master Artisans in India
  • Size: 75mm (L) X 75 mm(B) X 70mm (H)





About Orgone Energy

These devices tap into the universal life force energy that is in and around all of life. This universal energy is unbalanced by EMF radiation from cell towers, power lines, electronics, etc.

As electro-magnetic beings we are naturally effected by this imbalance. By combining organic (resin, carbon-based) and inorganic (metals, crystals, carbon-derivative) materials; orgonite effectively "scrubs" this unbalanced energy and generates positive, balanced energy.

The resin constantly applies pressure on the crystals, "squeezing " them and producing piezoelectric energy that is absorbed into the wearer's electro-magnetic field and into the chakra energy centers of the body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 181 reviews

Its being awesome having this in our room, my husband has being so chilled out. I need another 2 for inside the house.

I just luv your stuff. I want to give it to everybody!!

This Necklaces i bought. I showed my husband and he
grabbed the blue one and will not take it off. I just love mine.
Will buy more and give to my friends for birthdays.

Never received- so mad at this point.

Ordered this several weeks if not months and even forgot about it. I’m not sure which email I used but address is 422 Circle dr in Torr Ct. it would be very appreciated as I bought for myself and my son. We have had a ton of really bad illness and news in our home and I looked forward to this items to help in anyway but it’s vrought negativity bcus if never receiving. Wth is up with this

My Vinaya Orgone Pyramid

This pyramid truly amazed me because the very second I took it out of the box and held it on my extended fingers, they tingles, then, I sat it down on my leg to get the paperwork, and then, my leg began to feel the energy and tingle. My father,who is 80 yrs old even felt it, he didn't want to give it back to me, lol. He said ... I like the way it makes me feel.
I put it on the bed side table and layed down for a nap and, wow, I got the bed rest I have had in ages. When I woke up, I felt better than I have in years. I didn't have to take a pain pill for my chronic pain, didn't have to drink coffee to get awake, I just felt refreshed, rejuvenating,and more aware of myself and my surroundings than I have ever felt before.
I don't think I've ever felt this grounded.
Not only are the Orgones awesome,the VINAYA team is as well. They will stand by you and guide you through life with you and your Orgones.
Vinaya Orgones have changed my life forever. Thanks Vinaya! 😁

VINAYA “The Place To Be”

All of my products have arrived in timely fashion and in good shape ( aside minimal surface scratches on the pyramid). The staff have continued to be a phenomenal group of folks concerned about expanding their clients product knowledge and correct use! I appreciate your dedication.

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