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Chakra Healing Bundle

Discover a rainbow of positive vibes in your spirit.

Everything you need to get back into alignment with the Chakra Healing Bundle. Each piece is handcrafted with real gemstones designed to dissolve energy blocks and reestablish balance. Wear the chakra orgone necklace to protect yourself against negative energy and emf radiation, wear the chakra bracelet to harmonize your body and place the chakra orgone pyramid in your room or office to protect your sacred environment from electromagnetic radiation (emf).  


  • 1 chakra healing orgone necklace
  • 1 chakra healing orgone pyramid
  • 1 chakra healing bracelet


  • Real Gemstones - Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Green Aventurine,Citrine, Orange Agate, Carnelian
  • Pendant Measures Approximately 1.5 inches Long by 0.5 inch Wide
  • The chain is approximately 19in long and adjustable 
  • Pyramid measures approximately 3x3x3 inches
  • This bracelet is approximately 7" long (21 mala beads) and fits best on a 6"-6.5" wrist. Each bead has a circumference of about 8mm

About Orgone Energy

These devices tap into the universal life force energy that is in and around all of life. This universal energy is unbalanced by EMF radiation from cell towers, power lines, electronics, etc.

As electro-magnetic beings we are naturally effected by this imbalance. By combining organic (resin, carbon-based) and inorganic (metals, crystals, carbon-derivative) materials; orgonite effectively "scrubs" this unbalanced energy and generates positive, balanced energy.

The resin constantly applies pressure on the crystals, "squeezing " them and producing piezoelectric energy that is absorbed into the wearer's electro-magnetic field and into the chakra energy centers of the body.


Customer Reviews

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Very happy with my orgone
Thank you


I get so many compliments on mine💖✨🌙. I really love it. I had to change the necklace rope part because it irritated my neck but I wear it absolutely every day. When I meditate I wear it, or lay it at my alter ✨🌙 I will be ordering the pyramid next🧘🏾‍♀️✨

Not nearly as pretty as advertised

I was so excited to receive my Chakra Bundle. The colors were so bright and vibrant on the website. Especially in the picture where they are being worn outside on an actual person. However, when I received my package I was truly disappointed. My necklace is full all around. The clasp that holds the pendant is really cheaply made and feels like the quality you find in most child jewelry sets. The clasp that hold the necklace together around your neck broke after wearing one time. I have to get tweezers to fix it. The bracelet looks like something I could have made myself. All in all I'm truly disappointed and would not spend the money again.