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Chakra Bracelet [LIMITED EDITION]

Renew balance, health, harmony and well-being with our Chakra Bracelet. Chakras are the circular vortexes of the spiritual energy in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.

Unblock your 7 chakras that leads to mental and health ailments. Lessen pain and aches, illness and diseasesand achieve a deeper happiness and contentment.

Our Chakra Bracelet is ideal for those who like to travel. Wear it as a charm or as a nice piece of accessory. It is very convenient and practical. This powerful bracelet looks stunningly beautiful. It will go well in any ensemble. Stay sassy and fashionably on-point with our Chakra Bracelet!


Stone metaphysical properties:

Amethyst - A crystal gemstone which is also known as the Crown Chakra. It is a calming crystal that eliminates negative feelings like stress, depression, pressure, anxiety and more. It also attracts positive energy acting as a vital shield that protects you from bad vibrations.

Lapis Lazuli – A blue stone that helps you open up the intuition that works really well with the Third Eye Chakra. Lapis Lazuli helps you have a vision of the future. Wear the bracelet during the day and place it under your pillowcase at night and pay close attention to your dreams.

TurquoiseClear the Throat Chakra and blockages of suppressed self-expression with the Turquoise in our Chakra Bracelet! It is a strengthening and healing stone that is good for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks.

Malachite - It is a transformation stone that is very helpful to stimulate the Heart Chakra. It is good to have one around when undergoing major life changes. It can also inspire creativity and enhance intuitive abilities. It has power over coincidence, luck and chance.

Citrine – This yellow gemstone cleanses all the chakras but particularly the Solar Plexus Chakra. Raise your self-esteem and allow yourself to move forward optimistically as Citrine is an excellent crystal to help you accept yourself and increase your sense of self-confidence.

Tiger’s Eye – A stone of protection for the Sacral Chakra.It supports physical vitality, practicality, and maintaining balance between extremes.

Carnelian – Known as the “Singer’s Stone”, it will clear and heal your Root Chakra. It is a really good stone for relationship healing, especially if you are experiencing jealousy or possessiveness in a relationship. Carnelian is also a stone of vitality, courage, creativity and playfulness.

Lava Stone - A grounding stone that has the power to absorb and fight off negativity. This stone also shields you with electromagnetic radiation.  Be enveloped with eternal tranquility and face daily life challenges with new ideas and strong decision-making skills. Awaken the depths of your soul and be enlightened by the love of the spiritual being. L et this stone give you the power you need and the wisdom to ground you.



  • This bracelet is approximately 7" long (22 mala beads) and fits best on a 6"-6.5" wrist.
  • Each bead has a circumference of about 8mm.


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Cool Bracelet

Bought this one for my daughter who collects Vinaya.


Chakra Bracelet [LIMITED EDITION]