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Orgones Create A Positive Lifestyle

March 10, 2018

Center yourself, enlighten your mind!

Orgones Create A Positive Lifestyle

Coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich  ( Psychoanalyst),orgone is another term used to describe a form of energy called Chi, Prana, Ether or Universal Life Energy . They are popularly known as healing devices made of earth metals, natural gemstones and resin.

Energy goes through these elements in an orgone device persistently. From ground state, the energy becomes “excited ” and its vibration level rises making it purified.

Orgones are well known to have a compelling effect on multiple aspects of a person’s life including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.



Orgone devices are also very well known to have a powerful positive effect through various ways.

5 UNTOLD Benefits Of Orgones 

  1. EMF protection. One of the main reasons why people are in to using orgones is because of its ability to protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. EMF-emitting devices like your microwave oven, refrigerator, Wi-fi router and etc, can cause harm because it may interfere with our body’s natural electromagnetic system . In this sense, people tend to use even the smallest orgone device like an orgone pendant  which is more effective when in close contact to the skin.
  2. Spiritual wellness.Since energy goes through orgone devices, and emit intense, high-frequency vibrations, there is a potential good side effect on our physical and psyche.
  3. Water detoxification. One of the reported benefits of orgone devices is that it makes water cleaner. Because of the energy’s “excitement” and vibration level in an orgone device, water becomes more balanced and harmonized. Reportedly, water tastes better if it is left rested on top of an orgone water charging plate for 24 hours
  4. Atmosphere purification.One good practice of those who produces orgones is what we call “The Orgonite Gifting Movement”. Manufacturers/ producers or users of orgone devices usually give orgones as gift to prisons, cell towers, hospital, power plants and etc. The orgone devices are then usually buried in the ground where an area is covered with negative energy. These orgone gifts absorb the negative energy from these places and as the negative energy is absorbed, it is being neutralized and due to the high vibration levels, the orgone device will emit a higher AND cleaner frequency, making the air purified.
  5. Restful sleep. Insomnia is one of the many problems some people are facing. With the help of orgone devices like a Chakra Orgone Pyramid, insomniacs would have better sleep. Because of the energy coming from the orgone device, a room could actually become an energized environment helping them relax and more calm.

By and large, using orgone devices is most beneficial when surrounded by different types of negative energy or harmful frequencies. The ability to harmonize energy taps various uncomfortable situations- just like hitting two birds using one stone.

In a nutshell, orgonite is a very powerful device that balances and transmutes negativity into positivity, harmonically aligning everything to the geometry of the universe.



Orgone devices when used properly, can be most effective and give you more positive results, and change your life in ways that you have visioned or beyond.

There are various ways in using an orgone device. The most common way is holding it in both your hands and directing your attention towards it. You need to feel and sense the energy vibrating from it.

Some people would actually rub both their hands against each other to create a friction and generate heat, then they would hold the orgone device to charge it and start sensing the energy emanating from the device.

Orgone devices are also known to relieve physical pain, and an orgone pyramid is the commonly used orgone device in doing so. It is believed that an orgone pyramid has an input and an output when relieving pain. The tip of the pyramid serves as the input and the bottom serves as the output. But how does that work? The tip of the pyramid needs to be pointed at the part of the body that is in pain, and the pain goes in through its tip. The bottom surface of the pyramid serves as an output because it releases the pain and turns it to a neutral, or to a positive energy.

To protect oneself from the harmful effects of EMF, an orgone device must be placed next to EMF-emitting devices or appliances such as Wi-fi routers, bluetooth speakers, mobile phones,microwave oven, refrigerator and etc. These devices are known to release a hefty amount of electromagnetic radiation which could be harmful to the human body. The job of the orgone device is to block or negate the electromagnetic radiation coming from these devices.

Using an orgone device apparently helps a person tap into the metaphysical realm by opening the 7 chakras and letting the Universal Life Energy flow through each of the chakras from the crown, going to the root chakra.

To do this, an orgone device must first have the right elements in it that will enable each chakras accordingly. A good example is an Amethyst that enables the crown chakra, and so on. Achieving this goal requires a person to meditate and focus their attention towards the orgone device, and direct their mental and emotional energy to it.



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